LED Light Therapy

How well are your cells functioning?

Available now at Dixons pharmacy is  blue and red LED light therapy that helps with skin clearing and rejuvination.

We know that you are looking for the answer to beautiful skin, and we can help you achieve great results using the bt-Accent LED™  .

LED skin therapy starts with a specifically formulated treatment program that utilises over 2000 powerful LED lights that target a diverse range of skin conditions.

BLUE LIGHT treats skin clearing and redness reduction, very useful in treating acne.

RED LIGHT increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow, revitalising and renewing ageing skin.

20 minutes is all it takes, we tailor your treatment to your skin concerns. Let our professional and skilled skin consultant cater your treatment for what is best suited for your skin.

Discover bt-Accent LED™ today!

Introducing blue and red LED technology you’ll love.