Certificates for absence

Absence from work certificates

For your convenience, absence from work certificates (ie: sick/carers leave) are now available from your pharmacy.

Pharmacists are able to issue certificates as required by the Fair Work Act 2009.  This means that Pharmacists are able to issue certificates that inform your employer that you need leave because you are ill or injured or one of your family/household is ill or injured.

If you need a certificate for any other purpose you may need to obtain this from your doctor.  Evidence requirements (ie: certificates) for employees to notify of personal leave or carer’s leave can vary depending on the relevant law, employment award, agreement or contract.  If you are unsure whether a certificate issued by a pharmacist will be satisfactory, ask the person or the organisation that requires the certificate for more information.

Dixons Pharmacy is able to provide medical certificates upon consultations with our pharmacists.  

Pharmacists are only allowed to issue certificates in relations to conditions (illnesses or injuries) they are professionally able to assess.  There are some types of illnesses or injuries for which pharmacists may not issue certificates.