Dixons Pharmacy provides both PBS and Private prescriptions. 

We provide a prescription holding service – save time by ringing to let us know what you would like and it will be ready to be picked up on your arrival in-store, or take advantage of our delivery service.

We stock a wide range of travel vaccines.  We do simple compounding (eg: creams, tinctures, ointments) on site.

Delivery Service

We provide a free prescription delivery service in the town centre. If you are unsure if you are eligible for this, just ask one of our staff members.

Deliveries are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays – please advise before 12pm on the day of delivery if you require your prescriptions delivered.

Due to the high demand for this service, prescriptions are unable to be picked up, but delivered only. We do offer a prescription holding service.

Dose Administration Aids

Dixons Pharmacy is committed to making life easier for our customers. 

Dose Administration Aids (DAA’s) are packs which store your weekly medication safely in individually sealed compartments. Each compartment is accessed when a dosage is required (eg morning, lunch, teatime and bedtime).

Many people need to take a number of tablets and capsules every day, but it can be difficult to remember to always take all these medicines as they were prescribed by the doctor.  Clearly, medicines don’t work properly when they’re not taken as intended.  Missed or extra doses can result in extra health problems, falls, hospitalisations and other potentially serious adverse effects.
DAA’s are ideal for the following people:

  • People on multiple medications or have complicated medication regimes,
  • People that are traveling,
  • People with low Vision
  • Carers
  • People with medications that are constantly changing
  • Children, people with disabilities
  • People with busy lifestyles


Dixons Pharmacy utilizes the Webster-pak system.  Webster-pak is an Australian innovation and recognised around the world as a valuable medication management tool.  Evidence demonstrates that people who use a Webster-pak system will almost always take their medicines as they are meant to be taken, and as prescribed by their doctor.      

Webster-pak solutions work by having your pharmacist dispense all your medicines needed for each day of the week into blister compartments of a Webster-pak, which is then sealed to prevent spilling or mixing up the medicines.  The pack also lists all contents and customer details.  This provides vital information for hospital or emergency staff and family and friends.  Webster-pak takes the worry out of taking medication and brings independence and quality of life for you and concerned relatives, carers or loved ones.

To take the medicines, simply push the blister’s contents through the foil backing.  With Webster-pak it’s always easy to see where you’re up to and whether medication has been taken correctly.

The key benefits of the Webster Packs are:

  • Peace of Mind with Medication
  • Simple and easy to use
  • High contrast packs for people with low vision
  • Disposable packs for travelling
  • Extra-large compartments available for larger tablet sizes and quantity
  • Bi-lingual packs with translated dosage times
  • Packs for children and people with disabilities
  • Ensures that medication is taken correctly – reduced chances of overdoses or missed doses.
  • Recognized by other health practitioners (eg: ambulance, hospitals and health care workers)
  • Each pack contains medication dosage and description, customer details, Doctor and pharmacy details.
  • All our packs are checked by a pharmacist.

Webster-pak enables many people to enjoy a better quality of life by living independently and managing their own medication. 

Pil-Bob – if you have poor eyesight or arthritis, the Pil-Bob makes it even easier to remove medication from a Webster-pak.  The Pil-Bob is compact, light and easy to hold.  Simply push the Pil-Bob upward through the back of the foil and the medication is released into the Pil-Bob container, helping to prevent spills.

Incontinence Club

The Dixons Pharmacy Incontinence Club offers our customers great deals on incontinence products.

We have deals on bulk buys of Incontinence pads/pants as well as great everyday deals on smaller quantities.

We stock a large range of Molimed and Molicare products, Connie Products and other incontinence items.

Contact us with any questions regarding your CAPS forms.