URBAN RITUELLE FRAGRANT DIFFUSER SET White Lotus, Geranium leaf & Bergamont

A light & ethereal blend of delicate white lotus, balanced with leafy green geranium and sparkling bergamot, to create a pure, luminescent fragrance.

Drawing from our extensive library of signature scents our latest collection brings together two complementary fragrance blends combining in such a way to enhance the qualities of each other as well as working beautifully alone. Both complementary fragrances in the collection have been meticulously blended to stand alone or can be layered together in the one space to create a more magical mystical fragrance.

Proudly Australian made this premium fragrance blend will effortlessly & safely radiate from the natural fibre reeds transforming your home into your very own scented sanctuary.



  • : fragrance oil glass bottle and 8 diffusing reeds.
  • Diffuses up to 6 months depending on air conditions.
  • Non-flammable.

Additional information

Weight 593 g
Dimensions 9 × 28 cm


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