Ego EgoPsoryl TA 30g


EgoPsoryl TA is a soothing corticosteroid-free gel, formulated to help control stable, moderate psoriasis and persistent dermatitis.

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  • Aids in the control of stable, moderate psoriasis (including psoriasis of the scalp) and persistent dermatitis.
  • Soothing gel formulation calms the skin and relieves itching.
  • Non staining.

Additional information

Weight 42 g
Dimensions 12.5 × 3 × 3.5 cm


Coal Tar Solution 5%, Phenol 0.5% and Sulfur 0.5%

Contains alcohol.


Apply to affected skin 2 – 4 times daily. Avoid soap as soap may irritate skin. Cleanse with Pinetarsol, an anti-itch cleansing treatment which helps reduce inflammation and remove scales. For enhanced effect, apply petroleum jelly over EgoPsoryl TA.
Scalp: Apply at night if desired leave on during the day.
Cleanse with ‘Sebitar’ when needed.
Sensitive skin (eg face, children): Use Egoderm Cream for first 7 days. Apply EgoPsoryl TA over Egoderm Cream for 3 days.
Then use EgoPsoryl TA alone.


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