Chemists Own C-Zine Oral Liquid 100ml


Control of symptoms of hayfever and other allergies

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  • Pineapple/Orange flavour
  • Rapid acting
  • 1-12 Years

Additional information

Weight 167 g
Dimensions 5.8 × 5.8 × 13.7 cm


Cetirizine Hydrochloride 5 mg / 5 mL


Take the recommended dosage, twice daily, when necessary calculated on the basis of body weight according to table on packaging.


Consult your health professional if symptoms persist.

Always read the label and follow directions for use.

Medication may cause drowsiness.

Products containing sorbitol may have a laxative effect or cause diarrhoea.

Tighten cap after use to engage child resistant closure.


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