Aussie Man Hands 2:1 Body Wash 500ml

All-in-one cleansing hair and body wash for tradies



It’s been a cracker of a day. Macca brought in a quinoa muffin so naturally, you’re on edge.

The missus won’t come near you until you’ve told all the man-pepper to rack off, but you’re just bloody buggered.

Sounds like you need the Mighty Man Scourer (aka our 2:1 body wash/shampoo). Unlike her 390 products taking up valuable shower space, this ONE does everything you need. Use it to clean your body as well as your mop (hair).

Get clean and smell great with this one idiot-proof product. It’s got straight up natural ingredients like aloe and sunflower seed oil, with no parabens or sulphates.

Even the apprentice could figure out what it’s for.

Additional information

Weight 558 g
Dimensions 6.5 × 6 × 21.5 cm


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