Gopher Race

Dixons Pharmacy Gopher Race

The Dixons Pharmacy Gopher Race is an annual event, held at the Bloomin Tulips Festival.

Together with the Waratah-Wynyard Council, we USED to organise for contestants to race their gophers down the main street of Wynyard. Starting at the traffic lights the contestant’s race down Goldie Street towards the finish line at the bottom roundabout. These days the race has transformed to be a more leisurely parade around the Wynyard park.

We would like to honour Keith Hutton who participated in the iconic race each year from 2007 until 2022.

Dixons Gopher Race Hall of Fame:

Results Score Board...

Year1st2ndLucky Draw Winner
2020 MensKim HaybittelGraeme JonesMr Kim Haybittel
2020 WomensLois WhyteHeather Jones 
2019 MensMax KingKym HaybittelMr Stan  Harlen
2019 WomensLois WhyteFay Mooy 
2018 MensMax KingKim Haybittel 
2018 WomensLois WhyteFay Mooy 
2017 MensMax KingGraham Jones 
2017 WomensLois WhyteHeather JonesBrian Scolyer
2016 MensKirk DickerKim Haybittle 
2016 WomensHeather JonesLois Whyte 
2015 MensGrahaem PeadMax KingViv Hoogendorp
2015 WomensHeather JonesLois Whyte 
2014 MensGrahaem
Hubert Hall 
2014 WomensHeather JonesLois WhyteLeanne Wells
2013 MensKym HaybittelDaniel Weiderman 
2013 WomensIngrid WooleyHeather JonesJohn Munro
2012 MensNeil CrispBill Hutton 
2012 WomensIda Morrell Peter Zeuschner
2011Peter MullinsJack FlemingPeter Mullins
2010Peter MullinsAlick HopeKeith Hutton
2009Jack FlemingAlick HopeJoy York
2008Alick HopeBarry NelsonPeter Zeuschner
2007Alec HopeJack FlemmingBarry Nelson