Gopher Race

Dixons Pharmacy Gopher Race

The Dixons Pharmacy Gopher Race is an annual event, held at the Bloomin Tulips Festival.

Together with the Waratah-Wynyard Council, we organise for contestants to race their gophers down the main street of Wynyard. Starting at the traffic lights the contestant’s race down Goldie Street towards the finish line at the bottom roundabout.

Each contestant goes in the draw for a gift voucher from Dixons Pharmacy.

The Stig (Wynyard’s version) has also been known to make a special appearance.
Since 2013, we have two races – one for the men and one for the women

Every year we have many faces who turn up to participate in the race regardless of the out come.  We would like to honor Keith Hutton who has participated in the Iconic Gopher race since 2007.  

Dixons Gopher Race Hall of Fame:

Results Score Board

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Year 1st 2nd Lucky Draw Winner
2020 Mens Kim Haybittel Graeme Jones Mr Kim Haybittel
2020 Womens Lois Whyte Heather Jones
2019 Mens Max King Kym Haybittel Mr Stan  Harlen
2019 Womens Lois Whyte Fay Mooy
2018 Mens Max King Kim Haybittel
2018 Womens Lois Whyte Fay Mooy
2017 Mens Max King Graham Jones
2017 Womens Lois Whyte Heather Jones Brian Scolyer
2016 Mens Kirk Dicker Kim Haybittle
2016 Womens Heather Jones Lois Whyte
2015 Mens Grahaem Pead Max King Viv Hoogendorp
2015 Womens Heather Jones Lois Whyte
2014 Mens Grahaem
Hubert Hall
2014 Womens Heather Jones Lois Whyte Leanne Wells
2013 Mens Kym Haybittel Daniel Weiderman
2013 Womens Ingrid Wooley Heather Jones John Munro
2012 Mens Neil Crisp Bill Hutton
2012 Womens Ida Morrell Peter Zeuschner
2011 Peter Mullins Jack Fleming Peter Mullins
2010 Peter Mullins Alick Hope Keith Hutton
2009 Jack Fleming Alick Hope Joy York
2008 Alick Hope Barry Nelson Peter Zeuschner
2007 Alec Hope Jack Flemming Barry Nelson