About Us

Excellence in Community Engagement

For 120 years, Dixon’s Pharmacy has preserved the right balance of professionalism and community engagement in Wynyard that sets it apart from competitors in the region. This presence over time and with consistent goodwill, seems born from Dixon genetics, less showy tactics (though that too), contributing to the longevity of Dixon’s standing in the community.

The support from the community might be attributed to the extra services, time- commitments and financial assistance the pharmacy provides outside of their business premise. Community groups, businesses and organisations, schools and events are all recipients of Dixon’s support. Kathryn Dixon provides talks to local community groups including Senior Citizens and makes time to do a monthly broadcast on local radio COAST FM 106.1 informing people on different subjects such as diabetes, colds and flu’s, vaccination, medication safety and incontinence.

Dixon’s Pharmacy provides schools with information for careers too. You are also likely to enjoy the artwork from one of the surrounding schools at select times throughout the year at the shopfront, enticing local families to the store and adding aesthetic value to Wynyard’s streetscape.

A highlight on the Wynyard events calendar is the Dixon’s Pharmacy Gopher Race, coinciding with the weekend of the tulip festival. Old age will not weary Wynyard’s townsfolk, the race now brings in “shop- riders” from neighbouring districts and see’s the main street closed for the race lined with supporters. The older population of the community have become engaged in a fun pastime that appeals to everyone. Mrs Betty Holmes of Wynyard (pictured) remembered the cough medicine from Dixon’s Pharmacy in the beginning. “It oiled your throat”, she said. “We were in the middle of the depression… people couldn’t get work, if they were sick they couldn’t afford the doctor. They’d put themselves on the mercy list at Dixon’s. He was a kind man, when you get a job, we’ll pay you, they’d say. People thought he could fix anything.”

Dixon’s Pharmacy and Wynyard Waratah Council are working together to promote a better work- lifestyle program after BP and BGL testing of staff at the council depot uncovered 30% of workers with high to severe health issues. In-store too, a number of health promotions run at various times during the year. These include free Blood Pressure testing during stroke prevention week, free Kate Morgan tastings during weight loss management week, and visual presentations promoting glaucoma, vitamin D deficiency, diabetes, Medicine Wise Awareness week that become focal points at the applicable time.

The Incontinence Club was created at Dixon’s Pharmacy to encourage discussion between qualified staff and customers surrounding incontinence. This year there was a discussion session with the community. It empowered many to leave the session and head straight to the shop for more advice and products. Those unable to leave their beds at the local nursing home Wynyard Care Centre are not left missing the contemporary shopping experience that Dixon’s Pharmacy has become in recent years. As well as providing residential medication management reviews and taking part in the QUM and medications management committee- not to mention the regular drug updates and training to RN’s, EN’s and other nursing staff at the nursing home- the residents are taken a sample of the Dixon’s Pharmacy Gift Corner wares. Anything they wish to purchase is gift wrapped, tagged and returned. The kind of personal service that comes from Dixon’s Pharmacy has been trusted over decades.