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Dixons Pharmacy, Wynyard

Dixon’s Pharmacy, situated in the coastal town of Wynyard on the North West coast of Tasmania has been a community institution since 1894. It’s become apparent that an innovative approach to business management, engagement with the rural community and a high level of professionalism runs in the family.

Dixon’s Pharmacy operates from a modern shopfront in the main street of Wynyard. Running a free local prescription and Webster pack delivery to their customers helping those with travel issues in the wider district. In the store, a purpose built room to accommodate visiting counsellors as well as staff, for the provision of specialty services is in operation.

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When I get in a lot of pain, which seems to happen a lot now, I have to divert myself. Usually I go outside… that works for a little while, but then I need a rest. So I come in and I do this (crossword). I got stuck on one of the answers. Usually I ring up my son and he looks it up for me on the computer but he was away that day. Oh bother, I thought- I couldn’t get it. Then I thought, I’ve got to go to the chemist, there’s a lot of smart guys in there.

Mrs Wigg

Precious childhood memories from some of Dixon’s lifelong customers. “All my life, I’ve been in and out of that shop like a Yo-Yo.”

Mrs Betty Holmes

There were all these cabinets, some glass fronted, Bunsen burners and a small counter where the pharmacist decanted his pills, counting them. You’d bring your own bottle back, they were corked bottles in those days. Mrs Dixon’s used to make the cough medicines and the elixirs in the kitchen, I guess. It was mysterious.

Cal Walker